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FAQ Rent a Car in Sardinia

1. What is the minimum age for renting and driving a car?

Sardinya requires the minimum age of 24 years old for renting cars of B-C-D-F-G-M groups and 30 years old for A,E,H,I,N,L,O,P,Q groups. From 21 to 23 years old is possible to rent just categories B and C paying an extra cost of euro 15,00 per day (young driver supplement)

2. What type of driving licence it is requested?

In order to rent Cars, Scooters and Motorbikes it is requested a Valid Driving Licence, issued by authorized authorities at least 12 months before the rental. It has to be shown at the beginning of the rent 

ATTENTION: Italian road code requires an International Driving Permit or a sworn translation of the driving license for all NON EUROPEAN UNION drivers. Please note that the international driving permit and the sworn translation are valid only if accompanied by the valid national driving licence.

3. Is it necessary to specify the details for the invoice at the beginning of the rent?

Yes, it is. When the vehicle is picked up it is necessary to specify the details for the invoice.

4. Is it possible to include an additional driver to the contract?

Yes, it is. There is an extra charge of 6,00 euros per day. The original driving licence of the additional driver has to be shown at the pick up agency.

5. How much does it cost to hire a vehicle?

The cost of the rental varies according to the type of car chosen, the insurance coverage, the equipment and the duration of the rent.

6. Could the final costs be different to the estimated costs?

The initial costs include services that could vary according to circumstances; for example the refuelling of the car, returning the car to a different agency, fines etc.

7. Are there any insurance coverages included?

The hiring costs includes civil responsibility insurance, compulsory by law (R.C.A), fire and theft coverage (with penalty), car damages coverage (with penalty).


8. Are there any penalties to pay?

Yes, there are penalties for damages and theft/fire/crystals/tyres, the costs of which vary according to the car hired. It is possible to eliminate these penalties by agreeing to extra coverages (SuperCasco and SuperTheft).

9. Are there any extra airport charges?

No there aren’t, the airport charges are already included in the hiring costs.

10. When does the payment have to be done?

The payment of the rental and the issuance of the Cautionary Deposit have to be done at the moment of the car delivery.
In some periods of the year could be requested an advanced payment of the total amount of the rental (or an advance of 50%) in order to complete the reservation.

11. Where we can hire a vehicle from?

Sardinya’s vehicles can be picked up from all of our agencies.

12. When does the vehicle have to be returned?

At the end of the period agreed in the hiring contract. One car hire day includes 24 hours (which begin when the vehicle is picked up). Once the fixed time has been missed, with a tolerance of one hour, an extra rental day will be added to the final cost. The car has to be returned within the opening time of Sardinya’s agencies. Late delivery has an additional cost.

13. Can the period of the rent be extended?

Yes it can, but it is necessary to contact the agency within 24 hours from the fixed returning date on the contract.

14. Does the vehicle have to be returned with a full tank of petrol?

Yes it does, otherwise you will be charged for the missing fuel, plus an extra of euro 16,00 for the refuelling service.

15. Where the vehicle can be returned?

The vehicle can be returned to all of our agencies. If the vehicle is returned to a different agency from where it was picked up, then there will be an extra charge of Euro 60.00.

16. What must I do in case of an accident?

An accident has to be communicated within 24 hours to one of our agencies. The driver has to fill in all the appropriate parts of the C.I.D. form, in order to avoid the penalty costs due to lack of proof of responsibility.

17. Can the vehicle be replaced?

If the renter needs a replacement of the car, he/she can ask it to all of our agency, that can provide it if the car is available. However, the agency can refuse the request of a car replacement.

18. What must I do in case of a fine?

A fine is chargeable to the driver, who has to pay it immediately in order to avoid that late payment taxes being added to the fine. 
If the car hire office receives a specific request for the driver’s details by the police, it is compelled to give them the information required, so that the fine can be sent directly to the driver.

19. What must I do if I lose/breack the car’s keys?

The car keys are under the customers’ responsibility. If the keys are lost, there will be an extra charge of 200,00 Euros (VAT included).

20. What must I do if I lose/breack the car’s documents?

The safety of the car’s documents is a customers’ responsibility. If they are lost, there will be an extra charge of 300.00 Euros (VAT included).

21. Is it possible to drive Sardinya’s vehicles outside of Sardinia?

No it is not possible to drive the car outside of Sardinia. This because we do not have any office or assistance point outside the islad and we could not provide assistance in case of some problems.

22. How can I reserve a car?

It is possible to reserve a car through our on-line booking service, by phoning to the reservation centre or by e-mail.


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