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LATEST NEWS!!! To facilitate the customers we accept payment of rent and the guarantee deposit in CASH but you need the special covers Superkasco and Superfurto!! In addition, from September 08 2014 until 31 March 2015 by signing the special cover Superkasco for the elimination of excess damage will also free the special cover Supertheft!

Discover our special rates, all with unlimited mileage,standard insurance and italian tax 22%!!! From 15 September 2014 to 31 March 2015 you will be able to rent a Fiat Panda with air-condition for only Euro 119,00 for SEVEN DAYS!! ATTENTION!!You pay the rental price only upon your arrival!!! Our offers are valid only if pre-booked! So, get an estimate and book your car!

Advise of the day: Check the other rental companies offers very well!!! In fact, many do not declare insurances, airport tax and road tax that afterwards you will pay locally !!! ATTENTION: DRIVER LICENCE ISSUED NON-EU STATE NEED AN INTERNATIONAL DRIVER PERMIT TO BE ABLE TO DRIVE IN ITALY!!!!

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Rent a Car in Sardinia

Thank you for visiting our website and congratulations on the choice! You have found the best way to hire a car and travel in Sardinia, saving money while being able to trust the safety and reliability of our vehicles.
Through our on-line booking service you can
  • Choose the preferred means of transport [car / motorcycle]
  • Immediately see our proposals based on the duration and characteristics of the rental
  • Select the group and the proposed preferred
  • Fill out the form and send your reservation request

When you have completed these simple steps you will receive, in real time, an email summarising your booking request and the data you have entered. Once confirmation is received the same email will serve as a voucher and should be presented at the start of the rental.

Sardinya advises


Always compare the various car rental offers and verify (before booking) exactly what the prices really include, beware of “all inclusive” offers!!!


The statements “REDUCTION OF DAMAGES PENALTY” or “REDUCTION OF THEFT PENALTY” or “LIMITED DAMAGES RESPONSIBILITY” or even “LIMITED THEFT RESPONSIBILITY” do not mean “TOTAL DAMAGES OR THEFT COVERAGE” but rather they include penalties that can be eliminated only by paying an additional insurance charge.


With our company you won’t have any surprises and on your arrival in Sardinia you will pay the exact price that was given to you through the on-line booking service on our official website.
For this reason Sardinya Car Hire has created clear and simple prices.

Sardinya remynds you...
  • It is very important to check that the car rental company you choose is, like Sardinya Car Hire, present throughout the island in order to be able to offer you total assistance in whatever situation wherever you may be on the island.
  • In Sardinia the maximum speed limit is 90 kilometres per hour.
  • Whether you are in Sardinia for work or on holiday it is important to be prudent and to respect the speed limits and be especially careful in bad weather conditions like rain or fog.
  • The Italian Highway code specifies that car headlights must be switched on at all times when outside city limits, including during the day.



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