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In order to facilitate our costumers, we also accept cash as payment for the cars' rent and deposit, but only if Superkasco and Supertheft covers are included in the reservation.
In addition, from March 7st until June 30 2015 by signing the special cover Superkasco (which provides the elimination of costumers' responsability in case of car's damages), you will have the special cover Supertheft for free!!
Discover our special rates, all inclusive of unlimited car mileage, standard insurance and italian taxes 22%!!
From Janauary 7th to March 26st 2015 you will be able to rent a Fiat Panda with air-conditioning, just for euro 119,00 for 7 days.
Hurry up! These are just a few of the advantages you could have by booking in advanced!

Check carefully other rental companies' offers; most of them do not usually declare insurances, airport taxes and road taxes, that afterwards you must pay locally.

ATTENTION: It is mandatory to have an International Driving Permit, in order to drive our cars, for extra EU citizens.

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Thank you for choosing our website! You have found the best way to hire a car and travel in Sardinia saving money while being able to trust the safety and reliability of our vehicles.
Through our on-line booking service you can
  • Choose your suitable means of transport [car / motorcycle]
  • Have a quick access to our offers based on your preferences
  • Select your favourite in our cars'/motorcycles's list
  • Fill out the form and send your reservation request

When you have completed these simple steps, you will receive immediately an email summarising your booking request and the data you have entered. Once confirmation is received, the same email will be used as a voucher and should be presented in our agencies.

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You better always compare all the rental companies' offers before booking and verify what the prices really include, keeping an eye on "all inclusive" rates. The statements "REDUCTION OF DAMAGES PENALTY" or "REDUCTION OF THEFT PENALTY" or "LIMITED DAMAGES RESPONSIBILITY" or even "LIMITED THEFT RESPONSIBILITY" do not mean "TOTAL DAMAGES OR THEFT COVERAGE", but instead they include penalties that can be eliminated only by paying an additional insurance charge.


With our company you won’t have any surprises and on your arrival in Sardinia, you will pay the exact price estimated through the on-line booking service on our official website.
For this reason Sardinya Car Hire has fixed clear and simple prices.

Sardinya reminds you...
  • It is very important to verify that, whatever rental company you will choose, it is better to have branches located all over the island (as Our Company has), in order to ensure a complete assistance in any situation and wherever you may be during your stay.
  • In Sardinia the limit of speed allowed by law is 90 km/h.
  • Whether you are in Sardinia for work or on holiday, it is important to be carful and to respect the speed limits, above all during bad weather conditions, like rain or fog.
  • The Italian Highway code specifies that car headlights must be switched on all the time, both night and day.



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