Here you can find Sardinya's terms and conditions, which are also mentioned on the rental agreement.
Please, note that our rates can vary without any notice, but it will not affect the reservations made before these changes. Attention: rates presented on the website are valid only for reservations made in advance!



Costs included in the rate


Costs not included in the rate


Payment and Cautionary Deposit


Advanced payment




Minimum Age and Driving Licence


Refuelling service


Additional drivers


One way




Superkasco – Supertheft - Superpai


Car's parts not insured


Car return


Delivery / return service


Night Delivery/return


Loss / breackage of car's key / documents




Honda Transalp's lateral bags



1. Costs included in the rate
All prices include:
- Unlimited Kilometres
- Airport charges
- Third-party insurance [maximum]
- Kasco insurance with penalty
- Fire and theft insurance with penalty
- 22% VAT

2. Costs not included in the rate
Prices do not include:
- Fuel
- Additional requests and extra (Superkasco, Supertheft, One way, Baby-seat, etc.)
- Fines and violations of Highway Code
- Driver Insurance [maximum]

3. Payment and Cautionary Deposit
The payment of the rent and the issuance of the Cautionary Deposit have to be done at the moment of the car delivery.

The Payment of the rent can be made with:
- Credit Card, Bankamericard, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club
- ATM Card,
- Prepaid Credit Card
- Cash

If the renter purchases both Superkasco and Suprtheft coverages (which provide the elimination of the renter's liability in case of damages, theft and fire. see art. 9), the amount of the Cautionary Deposit will be:
€ 300.00 for the A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H groups
€ 500.00 for the I-L-M-N-O-Q groups
If the renter do not purchase these coverages, the Cautionary Deposit will correspond to:
€ 1,000.00 for A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-M-N groups
€ 1,500.00 for I-L-O-Q groups.

The Cautionary Deposit can be issued by means of a Traditional Credit Card (with emobossed numbers) such as Bankamericard, Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Diners Club. By using the Credit Card, a guarantee equal to the amount of the Deposit will be requested to the Credit Card Circuit, which will constrain it untill the end of the rental period. This procedure provides an administrative fee of euro 1,00, that will be charged at the end of the rental and added to the invoice.
ATTENTION: it is possible to issued the Cautionary Deposit by cash just for euro 300,00 (A-B-C-D groups) and only if Superkasco and Supertheft are included in the reservation.

4. Advanced payment
In some periods of the year could be requested an advanced payment of the total amount of the rent (or an advance of 50%) in order to complete the reservation. Could be so asked to pre-pay by means of credit card or bank transfert.

5. Taxes
All Sardinya's rates include 22%VAT (unless otherwise stated)

6. Minimum Age and Driving Licence
Sardinya requires the minimum age of 24 years old for renting cars of A-B-C-D-F-G-H groups and 30 years old for E-I-L-O-P-Q groups. From 21 to 23 years old is possible to rent just categories B andC paying an extra cost of euro 15,00 per day.
In order to rent Cars, Scooters and Motorbikes it is requested a Valid Driving Licence, issued by authorized authorities at least 12 months before the rental.
Attention: It is mandatory to have an International Driving Permit, in order to drive our cars, for NON EU citizens.

7. Refuelling service
All the vehicles will be provided with a full fuel tank. If the vehicle is not returned with a full tank, the cost of fuel and the refuelling service (Euro 16,00, taxes included), will be at the renter's expense.

8. Additional drivers
For each added driver there is an extra charge of Euro 5,00 per day (VAT included)

9. One-Way
Sardinya offers the one-way service at the convenient cost of euro 60,00 (VAT included), so that the renter can return the car to a different station respect to the delivery station.

10. Penalties
In case of theft, fire or damages, the penalty at the renter's expense corresponds to:
- Euro 1.000,00 ( VAT included) for groups A-B-C-D-E-F-G-H-M-N
- Euro 1.500,00
( VAT included) for groups M-O-P-Q
- Euro 2.000,00
( VAT included) for the group L
- Euros 600.00 (VAT included) for groups MA-MB-MC-MD-ME
- Euros 1,500.00 (VAT included) for group MF

11. SuperKasco - SuperTheft - SuperPai
It is possible to eliminate the damages penalty by agreeing to the Superkasco coverage at the costs below:
- Euro 12,00 ( VAT included) a day for groups A-B-C-D-G-M-N
- Euro 15,00 ( VAT included) a day for groups E-F-H-I
- Euro 20,00 ( VAT included) a day for groups L-O-P-Q
Coverage SuperKasco insurance does not apply to over 75 years.

It is possible to eliminate the theft and fire penalty by agreeing to the Supertheft coverage at the costs below:
- Euros 5.00 (VAT included) for all types of cars.

ATTENTION: for the safety of our costumers, in some periods of the year, Superkasco and Supertheft coverages are mandatory.

It is possible to add the Superpai coverage (Personal driver's insurance) at the cost of Euro 5,00 per day (VAT included).

12. Car's parts not insured
Damages to the roof, hood open, interiors,windscreen wipers, tires, rims, wheels cover, muffler, silencer, oil, shock absorber, fuel tank, crystals, bad side Honda Transalp are always excluded from the damage coverage. Are also excluded (for all vehicles) all damages caused by vegetation.

13. Car return
All vehicles have to be returned on the established day and time. It is accepted a delay of up to one hour, in respect to the pick up time, after that an extra day will be charged.

14. Delivery / Return service
For some of Sardinya's agencies it is possible to pick up/return the car to places different from the office, paying an extra charge depending on the distance. It has to be agreed at the moment of the booking.

15 Night Delivery / return
In order to deliver/return the vehicle out of Sardinya's offices opening time, there is an extra charge depending on the time:
- Euro 40,00 (VAT included): for delivery/return from 23:00 to 01:00 am and from 5:31 am to 07:45 am:
- Euro 60,00 (VAT included): for delivery/return from 01:01 am to 05:30 am.

16. Loss / breakage of car's key / documents
In the event of the loss/breackage of car's key, there will be an extra charge of Euro 200,00 (VAT included). In the event of the loss/breackage of car's documents (or number plate), there will be an extra charge of Euro 300,00 (VAT included).

17. Baby seat
The cost of the baby-seat is Euro 31,00 (VAT included) for all the rental period.

18. Honda Transalp's lateral bags
The cost of the Honda Transalp's lateral bags is Euro 20,00 per day (VAT included).

19. Reservation
All the on-line reservations have to be always confirmed by Sardinya's reservation service.



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